Marsha Mack on Juice Cleanse and the sweetness of Ceramics


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Marsha Mack is a contemporary artist living in Denver, Co. She creates installations using scent, ceramics, paintings, collages and so much more. In this episode we discuss her experiences with an endurance performance and how she used that as a foundation for an investigation into understanding culture, the body, advertising and desire. She uses installation to pull together varied creative explorations into a cohesive and meaningful whole and discusses her creative practice, teaching pedagogy, why writing is essential to discover the truth of one's work and celebrates the opportunity to make work at the Red Line contemporary Art Center.
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Marsha Mack (b. 1987, San Rafael, CA) holds an MFA in ceramics and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Women's and Gender Studies from Syracuse University, and a BFA in ceramics from San Francisco State University. Marsha is currently the Associate Director of David B. Smith Gallery, a ceramic instructor at Foothills Park and Recreation District (Littleton, CO), and is an artist in residence at RedLine in Denver, CO. In addition to exhibitions with Black Cube Nomadic Museum (Denver, CO), Yes Ma'am Projects (Denver, CO), and ATCDEN (Denver, CO), her collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver's Teen Failure Lab program, Water Closet, is on display through summer 2019. Juice Cleanse, curated by Brooke Tomiello, will be on view at Lane Meyer Projects through May 20th.

Juice Cleanse:

From 12:01am January 28th through 11:59pm January 30th, 2019, Marsha Mack went on a three day celebrity-inspired juice cleanse.
Realized in ceramic sculpture and installation, Juice Cleanse is the true account of the foods craved during this 72hr endurance performance.

Are you experiencing stomach pain, fatigue, or irritability, as the result of your latest or current cleanse?
Do you have painful daydreams about food while staring down your 8 ounces of green juice?

Finally, the solution is here. Juice Cleanse is the answer to the answer; the cure for the cure. This experiential, experimental treatment reestablishes the sacred relationship between mind and body, all in the relaxing spa environment you deserve. Gut flora will once again flourish, toxins with retreat back to their mysterious strongholds, and no matter the level of physical suffering of your body, your mind will be sated.

Juice Cleanse is a lifestyle choice that applies not only to cold-pressed beverages, but to all aspects of modern living. The technology is simple: by pampering yourself in your internal psychological spa, you are comforted in mind and by extension, body. Simply put, soothe your mind and your body will follow. You have never experienced simultaneous control and release quite like Juice Cleanse.

Realized in sculpture and installation, Juice Cleanse investigates New Age health & wellness trends via full immersion in a celebrity-approved 3 day detoxification regimen. Presented as the ultimate luxury spa offering treatments ranging from 20 piece chicken nuggets to beef pho served in paradise, Mack moonlights as guru in pop culture wisdom. Utilizing endurance performance as guide to desire, Juice Cleanse ponders the personal mythology surrounding food, emphasizing the importance of trusting one's gut.

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