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There is blood on the hands of those who are complicit!

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Tuesday's massacre in New York City is beyond grieving.

Another Jihadi attack on American soil by a Muslim immigrant. Another denial from elected officials and mainstream media that today's attack is motivated by true Islam. Another failure at connecting the dots, despite recent detailed instructions from ISIS in their Rumiyah magazine on how to use rental trucks to run people over (see article below. Warning: graphic and disturbing content).

By the way, where are all the voices of those who are calling for gun control, especially after Las Vegas? Will they now be calling for "truck control?"

How many more injured and dead bodies can we "tolerate" from Islamic Jihadists who yell "Allahu Akbar" as they mow down innocent people?
Are we finally willing to admit that Islam IS the problem?
Today's devastating attack is an overt act of jihad by an Uzbeki Muslim who was simply following the example and teaching of Islam's prophet, Muhammad.

"Trigger" warning!!
Politically incorrect message to a rebellious nation to follow:

All you who are apologists for Islam;
Who claim that these attacks do not represent the "peaceful religion;"
Who are gung-ho for mass Muslim refugee resettlement;
Who are fighting President Trump's travel ban, extreme vetting, and limiting immigration from predominantly Muslim countries;
Who are part of the interfaith movement and partnering with Muslim organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood in bringing great confusion and deception into the church-
You are complicit.
There is also blood on your hands.

We so desperately need repentance in this nation, and a turning back to the God of the Bible.

I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would comfort and make Himself known to the victims and families of today's attack.


Islamic Terror Attack condoned by the Quran:

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