Tommy Robinson, Count Dankula, LOSE Major Income Source


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Tommy Robinson and Count Dankula have been demonetized on youtube. Tommy has been directly stripped of all ad revenue while Dankula has been found "not suitable for all advertisers"
This means that Tommy loses all of his Youtube income and Dankula loses about 90%.
The hard reality is that Youtube is under fire form social justice and feminist activists in media who lie and smear people for political reasons. This puts all youtubers under threat of another adpocalypse and we can all lose a significant portion of our income.
Youtube is in a bind but I think they are doing the best, relative to Facebook or Twitter, to protect free speech. Unfortunately the far left and leftist activists do have power in media and will do everything they can to "deplatform" people in an effort to push politics. Although Youtube has done things wrong and Although they may try in some cases to defend speech it may just be a losing battle.

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