103 - Aligning with YOUR Truth


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There is a power to aligning with your truth however, it's like we have this fear of the unknown...after all...if we can't see it...it must not be our truth!!!! On Tuesday evening I did a FREE meditation on my facebook page - Quantum Light Coaching and it was soooo powerful. I did some Holographic Healing activations to get the energies flowing and then, guided everyone on a connection with the Sun as well as merging with your Soul. I have always loved doing meditations however, this one seemed to have been the most powerful yet. I set up the scene...had my sacred geometry poster in the background...wore a sacred geometry necklace AND had a pyramid with a sacred geometric symbol in it. While everyone was in the meditation...I spoke Light Language ~ which I love to call our Soul Language. There is an alignment of the planets and the energy coming at us is asking us to do the same. Which is why the chosen topic is Aligning with YOUR Truth. When I was given the topic, I had to ask... How CAN we live our life in alignment? We are being bombarded with energy coming at us from all directions. We are getting 'updated' energetically and now...aligning to our TRUTH! We have an entire energetic system - chakras which I love to call energy centres do have a tendency to go out of alignment. If you had a day where you don't feel like yourself, I would simply align your energy centres and you would feel much better. The easiest way to do this is to simply ask? If you were to step into the powerful person that you are...you would know that all you have to do is ask. THAT is aligning to YOUR Truth!!!! By excepting the fact that YOU are a LIGHT BEING and YOU have the power to transform your entire life. Believe me when I say to you...I am learning as I go - right along with you! Each week is a lesson for me...as well as for you. I think that is what makes doing this podcast so much fun. I am teaching you exactly what I am learning...yet, we are learning together.... LOL - we are on the same team!!! After all...we are all ONE. Back to aligning our energy centres...simply take a deep breath and instruct your body to align and while we are at it...let's expand them too! So we are aligning all our energy centres and expanding them. They are now completely aligned...cause that is what we asked for. Scan your system... visualize all your energy centres all expanded and all of them ...the brightest of colours you have ever witnessed! Breath and accept THAT as your truth! Now...visualize all the beautiful LIGHT of the cosmos...of space. Notice all the colours and witness them all moving together and simply flowing around each other. THIS is your LIGHT BODY - completely flowing with beautiful LIGHT...and every colour of the rainbow. What if I were to tell you that aligning to YOUR truth is KNOWING that YOU are this LIGHT!!! How does that feel in your body? The past few weeks, we have done a merging with our Higher Self... our True Self. This is actually our Truth... this LIGHT BODY ~ our Higher Self. I don't know about you, however, I have always thought of my Higher Self as someone with more LIGHT and someone separate from me. It is this separation that is holding us back from our own TRUTH. Crazy right? We cause ourselves so many issues...holding onto the energy of our emotions ~ some of us not letting it go! That is what it comes down to...we choose to put ourselves through all that! That is mind boggling right? Let's dig even deeper...if we choose to hold onto emotions... we can then, choose to let them go. We can choose to NOT align to our Truth ~ by not believing in who we are...or we can choose to BE our truth. Do you see where this is going? It is not just about aligning with YOUR TRUTH... it is about BEING YOUR TRUTH. We are that beautiful LIGHT that you see photos of in the cosmos. We are bigger than LIFE!!! This life we are experiencing is simply a distraction from who we truly are. What if...we were to choose to step into the TRUTH of who we really are??? What if...we decided (and everything is our truth until we decide that it is not) that we are going to BE our TRUTH...from this moment on? Make the decision with me now... I will NOW BE who I truly am... my I AM PRESENCE. Take a couple of very deep breaths. Make the decision to cut all cords and take back your power. SEE all your energy returning to your body. SEE yourself floating and travelling to space...SEE all the stars around you. Notice in the distance you see this beautiful LIGHT.... it has every colour of the rainbow within this LIGHT. Witness it moving as if it were a kaleidoscope ...KNOW that you are this LIGHT. This is who you truly are... so powerful to BE this beautiful LIGHT. Breathe in this LIGHT... see the colours going through your body. FEEL the colours flowing through your body. Notice how LIGHT you feel in your body KNOWING that the LIGHT of who you truly are is within this body you are wearing. Focus on this LIGHT and continue to breathe deeply... as I speak in our Soul Language. Soul Langage Take a couple of breaths and FEEL the power of your Truth Self within you. Visualize yourself coming back to this reality... within your human body...continue to breath deeply and allow the LIGHT of who you truly are to remain in your body. Open your eyes when you are ready. Trust that you can choose to connect with your Truth or you can remain disconnected. I can only hope that you will connect with who you truly are and remembering that we are all ONE... we will be connected as the LIGHT of who we truly are. This has been incredibly powerful. Continue to breathe in the LIGHT of who we are...and we will be transforming all those around us. I am sending you LOVE & LIGHT. Many blessings to you all. 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