28: How to Reconnect and Heal Through our Truths with Dr. Jann Chrisman


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Dr. Jenn Chrisman, @dr.jennchrisman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and host of the Love Your Truth podcast. For over 10 years, Dr. Jenn has been working with women and evolving her practice as she grows over time. She works to heal the early wounds the women unconsciously carry from their childhood that may be holding them back in business and in life.

Episode 28 of the Time To Be You podcast validates that at some point everyone feels like they aren't good enough or they don't belong. Dr. Jenn is helping women peel back the layers of their doubt to find their truth. At the end of the day, we all have a different story, but each of us deserves to feel like we belong and we're good enough! -- Questions asked in this episode: 1. Can you give us a brief background of who you are and what you do? 2. What trends are you seeing with women entrepreneurs in regards to similar issues and pains? 3. What practice do you teach regarding mindfulness and why is it so important? 4. How can one change their own "self-talk" if they have been negative for years? 5. How to let go of fears regarding finances and building a business? -- Bio: Dr. Jenn Chrisman is a licensed clinical psychologist, life coach and host of the Love Your Truth Podcast. Using the principles of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Spirituality, and Metaphysics she helps women and heart-centered entrepreneurs move beyond fear and doubt by reconnecting with their truths to unlock their highest potential. When she's not working with clients or running her workshops, Jenn can typically be found at the beach with her two kids, or at a Soul Cycle class. -- Resources: www.drjenniferchrisman.com and www.aperfectpractice.com https://www.instagram.com/dr.jennchrisman/ -- Follow Laura on IG! https://www.instagram.com/laura_loveandfit/ Book a free discovery call with Laura: https://calendly.com/itslaurab/discoverycall

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