3: How to Get Rid of Old Patterns and Own Your Life with Rachel Paz


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Loved this episode with Rachel Paz! Ever wonder why you have old patterns from childhood that you may not believe in anymore? Are there certain things that you could be doing in your relationship that are not benifical to yourself or your partner? Listen in to get all the answers!

Questions Asked in This Episode:

1. Brief background of who you are and what you do 2. How do you feel your childhood effects your relationships? 2. How can you change past habits and behaviors? 3. How did you get past the feelings of feeling weird or uncomfortable when recognizing your behaviors from your past? 4. Did some of your behaviors have to do with family growing up? 5. If you are an independent woman how can that effect you in relationships?


Bio: Rachel Paz is a mom to her 9 year old son and a relationship-readiness coach for independent women who feel like finding companionship and intimacy is impossible without settling. She teaches her clients to powerfully own who they are and what they want so they can get rid of old patterns and find the right amount of space in their lives to share with a guy who really gets them.

She loves to see women unravel the intricacies of what they want, break patterns, and learn the skills to feel ready to love again without sacrificing themselves in the process.



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