33: The Real Inner Work for Success with Debra Maldonado


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⁣⠀Debra Maldonado, @debrabmaldonado, is a master life coach, instructor, and bestselling author of Let Love In. She helps awaken peoples mind for their personal development which is what lead her to find her purpose in life, to help people be happy. Debra wants people to know it's okay to feel guilty sometimes or like you're not enough, but if you're conscious of it you can take steps to manage it. You have to realize where you are may not be perfect, but that's because it's not complete. No-one really has it figured out, you have to figure it out for yourself too.

Episode 33 of the Time To Be You podcast wants to help everyone have a healthy mind. Entrepreneurs often try to use their business as a way to find satisfaction in life, a business can't fulfill that for you. In order to be truly successful and find satisfaction, you have to chase your purpose. Chasing your purpose will lead to satisfaction. If you can learn to manage your mind, the happier you'll be with all the ups and downs that life brings!



Debi is a Master Jungian Life Coach Instructor and the author of the bestselling book, Let Love In: Open Your Heart & Mind To Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley 2010). She is also is a columnist for Inc.com Magazine and frequent speaker on women’s empowerment and leadership and has been featured by ABC News, ABC Radio Network, FOX News, NBC News, WB2, Cosmopolitan, Natural Health, Huffington Post, YourTango, Publisher’s Weekly, Complete Woman, and Playboy Radio, among others. In her former life, she was a marketing executive at MTV Networks and various internet start-ups and then trained as a hypnotherapist and launched her own 6-figure business. She left hypnotherapy behind when she joined forces with Dr. Rob and incorporated their Jungian Coaching model which took their business to the 7-figure level.


Questions asked in this episode:

1. Can you give us a brief background of yourself and what you do? 2. What is Jungian Positive Psychology? 3. For new entrepreneurs, what is the one thing that stops them from being successful? 4. How do you help others step away from their old conditioned patterns that may not be useful? 5. You talk about funnels and business stuff being great but the most being your internal work. Many of us our built to work, work, work and that will bring us success. What would you say to that? ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ⁣







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