38: Building a Franchise Business as a mom of Three with Megan Reilly


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Megan Reilly, @meganlreilly, mom of three, co-founder, and COO of Tippi Toe Dance Company, a mobile kids dance company that focuses on recreational dance. The business brings dance class to the kids, making it convenient for moms everywhere! The business started by her sister in college has grown into a franchise with 30 franchises. Driven by their goals, Tippi Toes has adapted over time and has grown with customer needs. Episode 38 of the Time To Be You podcast is all about knowing what your customer needs and figuring out how to deliver it to them. When you're trying to build your business, it's important to put your plans into motion and understand that you will make mistakes. Learning to take small steps and learning to adapt along the way will help you down the path to success. Running a business as a mom is not easy, but for Megan, she gets to do what she loves all while raising her family and she loves every crazy minute of it! -- Questions: 1. How did you come up with your business and how did you go about starting it? 2. How to Balance running a business and raising three girls 3. How does one truly drive a business so that it sustains past the 10 year mark? 4. What are some of the key things you learned while creating your business and doing it while being a mama? 5. What would you tell someone who is just starting out? -- Bio: Megan Reilly is a mom to three girls & is proud that they usually leave the house with a milk mustache & both shoes on! She beat her husband in a marathon which she reminds him of often. She is a registered dietitian with a masters in nutrition & has owned and operated her company, Tippi Toes, Inc, with her sister for over 20 years. Tippi Toes has more than 30 franchises around the US with plans to go international. She has survived swimming with the sharks on ABC's Shark Tank & she has written children's music that has made it onto Billboard and iTunes charts although she can't carry a tune! -- Www.Tippitoesdance.com https://www.instagram.com/meganlreilly/ -- Follow Laura on IG! https://www.instagram.com/laura_loveandfit/

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