6: How To Be a Mompreneur


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Being a mom is a full-time job and Megan Flatt understands that. Women make great business owners because they are mothers, not in spite of. In Episode 6 of the Time to Be You podcast, Megan details the importance and logistics of time management, creating a weekly workflow, and efficiently splitting up time between your kids and work and self. Megan describes how she transitioned from a career in pre and post-natal fitness to a business growth specialist for female entrepreneurs who want to leave their corporate jobs, with an emphasis on moms. Whilst deconstructing the misconception that working moms are selfish, she gives us her tips to leading thriving businesses while keeping the balance of the rest of their lives intact. --- Questions asked on this episode: 1. Give us a brief background on how you started your business? What did you do prior? 2. What was your ah-ha moment? 3. What type of women do you help? 4. Do you think socially it's becoming a norm that mothers can run businesses and raise children? 5. For a CEO mama, that is having a hard time balancing work and kids - what would be the first daily thing you'd recommend them to change or adjust? ---- BIO: Megan Flatt is a business growth strategist for female entrepreneurs, specifically mom entrepreneurs, who want to lead thriving businesses while remaining present for all the other important things in their lives. Megan believes women make great business owners because we are mothers, not in spite of it. You can almost always find her with a latte in hand, a stack of post-it notes at the ready and a random lego figure in her pocket. You can learn more about Megan and create your own Weekly Workflow at http://meganflatt.com ---


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