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In the age of fake news and debates about simulation theory, it can be almost impossible to find any solid philosophical ground to build your life upon. Join Tim on his journey to enlightenment as he beats reality into submission through sheer determination.
Why is the world the way it is? How can we change the world most effectively? If you ask questions like these to a group of strangers, you’ll get plenty of different answers. Feminism, Globalism, Nationalism, Pacifism, Anarchism, Veganism, etc.
People cling to these ideologies because they seem to represent the most good people can do with their finite time on earth. But not everyone can be right. How do you decide the best way to live when you have a thousand different opinions thrown at you daily?
Listen along as Tim digs through these "isms". He'll winnow away the dogma and doublethink till we can see bare bone principles espoused. Then we can decide for ourselves what matters and what doesn't.
Tim will talk through the best (and worst) ideas from all kinds of doctrines so you can more informatively structure your own ideas. Because when it comes to living life, you might as well build your own. Everyone else does.

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