#219: The Drone Revolution with Arthur Holland Michel


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Thank you for tuning in for another fun festive episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. We dedicate this episode to the loving memory of David Kimowitz who was taken away from us this weekend. He was part owner of the Stand in NYC and a super kind soul. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, everyone at the stand and all of our brothers and sisters in NYC comedy scene. Comedy lost a great one. This episode we welcome author Arthur Holland Michel to discuss his book "Eyes In The Sky" and what the affect of the Gorgon Stare and Drones will have on business, war and our privacy. Thank you so much for all of your support. Please check out Center For the Study Of The Drone. https://dronecenter.bard.edu and purchase his book at... https://www.hmhbooks.com/shop/books/Eyes-in-the-Sky/9780544972001 My album is available for sale on iTunes. So go buy Sam Tripoli Live At the Viper Room. Watch my two specials for free at Samtripoli.com Please check out.... Patreon: Patreon.com/TinFoilHat Tshirts: TinFoilHattshirts.com Cameo.com https://www.cameo.com/samtripoli Thank you to our sponsors: Absolute Xtracts: Please go to ABX.org and use the promo code "Chaos" for 20% off of all you CBD, Flower and Vap purchases! Blue Chew; Right now, we’ve got a special deal for our listeners: Visit BlueChew.com and get your first shipment FREE when use our special promo code HAT -- Just pay $5 shipping. Again, that’s B - L - U - E - CHEW dot com, promo code HAT to try it FREE. Manscaped: Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code TINFOILHAT at Manscaped.com. That’s 20% off with free shipping at manscaped.com, and use code TINFOILHAT AbsoluteXracts: Check out our sponsors at ABX.org! They are the Nike of weed and have everything you might need to get lit as f@ck! BETDSI: Go to BETDSI.com and use the promocode HAT100 and they will double your deposit. We have big shows coming please check them dates out: indianapolis Aug 9th: Helium St. Louis August 10th: Helium Bakersfield: Aug 17th Brooklyn BBQ Washington DC: Sept 7th DC Improv Sept 13th: Cobbs in San Fransisco

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