556 - Do This When You Feel Upset or Anxious


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In this episode, we look at the H.A.L.T framework.

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What is HALT?

HALT is a tool used in various mental health treatment programs including narcotics and addiction dependencies. It's an acronym that stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Basically you can think of it like a checklist for checking in with yourself and identifying potential reasons for how you are feeling.

In general, checking in with yourself is a fantastic habit to build. HALT is just one framework to help you do so.

Why do people use HALT?

Let's think of a pretty common situation.

You've been busy all day and forgot to eat lunch. It's not 4 pm and you have just a few more items on your list of things to get done. Your friend messages you and you just feel annoyed at everything they're saying. Then you head into the store and someone cuts you off in line. You find yourself getting angrier than you normally would have.

This happens because we get hangry. It's something we all experience but we don't unfortunately do a good job recognizing the cause.

When something like this happens you can use the HALT framework to check in with yourself, recognize why you feel so upset, and calm yourself down until you can solve the problem (eat).

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Am I hungry?

  • when did I last eat?
  • was it healthy?
  • Do I need to eat now and what are my options.

Am I angry?

  • who can I call to talk about that with?
  • What can I do to take care of myself around this emotion?

Am I lonely?

  • Who can I reach out to?
  • where can I go to feel connected and not alone?

Am I tired?

  • Do I need to reset and rest?
  • Can I adjust my day to better care for my own needs?
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