TMAM Episode 45 - How to come back from hitting rock bottom


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Titan Fitness CEO Mets Analin catches up with Max Philisaire and Jacy Cunningham the day before the Sydney Fitness Expo! [1:20] “Jacy for the people that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about you.” [1:36] “I’m a trainer, motivational speaker, umm human first. Child of God. You know and energy is where I have found my gift, providing beautiful energy.” [1:52] “You know it goes up and it goes down. But it’s always there. And I feel like that’s why I love being me. I think that God gave me a certain gift to project energy to people, who may need it.” [2:13] “We all need to have positive energy.” [2:30] “I feel like I got picked up from the airport.” [2:40] “His energy, spiked my energy.” [2:50] “Jacy, we were talking about hitting rock bottom.” [3:32] “And you think to yourself, Why me? Well, why not me?” [3:37] “I’ve been on suicidal watch for 6 months.” [3:45] “I have been in places mentally, physically and spiritually and I never thought I would go there.” [3:50] “Being there, and listening I have found so much passion and gratitude.” [3:59] “I just lost my brother and that has been a big thing for me.” [4:21] “That’s not for you, that’s for those around you.” [4:30] “You really have to recognise that you exist in a community. A human community.” [5:00] “That’s love right there.” [5:16] “There’s not an accident on why we are here or why this is happening.” [5:29] “For me, I love living life everyday because I know 151 508 people I think all over the world do not wake up and a lot of them don’t have a reason.” [6:09] “You just had this smile that is infectious, it’s like how could you not smile?” [6:38] “What were those moments like when you lost your brother?” [8:00] “I lost a connection to my brother, whom I looked up to.” [8:25] “I think talking about it, is what helps in healing.” [8:52] “I found the most clarity, in my brother’s death.” [10:09] “Those moments happen because you’re living on purpose.” [10:37] “My brother was always about service to his community.” [11:10] “For others that don’t know me, I’m a beautiful being.” [11:44] “I want people to recognize that I’m in pain and that it is ok.” [13:06] “Life isn’t a popularity contest.” [13:21] “How do you feel you deal with an environment that you know isn’t conducive to the person you want to become.” [13:42] “I never moved to LA to fit in and to get fans, I moved there to get ideas for what my purpose was and I pursued that” [14:07] “I didn’t have specific expectations.” [14:35] “LA in my opinion is like a spiritual, creative combat zone.” Subscribe to the TMAM Podcast on iTunes & Sound Cloud You can find Mets on the following platforms: Instagram: @titanmets and @titanfitness_au Facebook: LinkedIn:

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