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UFO Association International begins with USA History of UFOS as written in the Archives by Jan Aldrich Ufologist, Historian, Archivist. American Communications Online, ACO Press Club shares the fascination and intrigue in learning of the long history of people interested in unidentified flying objects and how the world began keeping up with reports with APRO, CUFOS, and other groups that no longer are active and/or meeting while the files are beginning to fade fro existence. Jan Aldrich and Barry Greenwood have been on a mission to gather and organize files to digitize them so that the future children who are interested in the history of UFO FILES can find them in cyberspace in our new digital world online. American Communications Online and the ACO Press Club are now forming as a community interested in the Art, Culture, Education, Science, Technology, History, Folklife, Research and the people who find the time to make the history of UFOS a form of disclosure to the public. Theresa J Morris, Thomas R Becker, and Ralph Kennedy Johnston Sr., all Navy-Marine Veterans have formed the Allied Command Organization for joining forces as an alliance of veterans with Jan Aldrich and others who may want to share interests.

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