UFO Association Reporters- Project 1947-Jan Aldrich - Theresa Thurmond Morris


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UFO Association presents UFO Reporters in October 2019 discussing the history compiled and understood to be the narrative. We welcome all UFO Association Analysts, Archivists, Historians, Journalists, Reporters, Researchers, Webmasters, Writers, Videographers. Theresa J Thurmond Morris has been sharing UFO related topics online since 2005 with books, radio shows, websites. Jan Aldrich was recommended in 2019 by Dr. Bruce Maccabee to join our ACO Association. UFO Association is exclusive to the topic of UFOS also known as USOs, UAPs. We support UFOs are Real and that Alien Civilizations Exist! We share various social media groups and website rss feeds for our members. So much to know so much to learn. We have formed a Trade Association and are Listener Supported. TR Becker, aka Amad Painter General Manager for American Communications Online. Podcasts distributed internationally by ACO UFO Club and TJ Morris Agency. TJ Morris ET Radio is our original company brand since June, 2012.

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