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WHAT A WEEK!! Shots were fired on both sides in the war with stupidity and sensitivity. Unfortunately, our chance to talk about it all coincided with an untimely arrest, forcing one of our cast to miss the show entirely. Begun, the JC wars had, but the matter gets addressed anyway in our Asshole Of The Week Segment.

We BLAZE through our shortest show in many moons, discussing the reveal of some shit from a dead toymaker that was found in storage and repainted. In Custom Spotlight we go all grape-chinned and busty. Down on KO Korner, our cannon speaks English and we get some bigger dinos. And, as usual, Bedbugs scoured the web to find you a couple of great deals in the Bargain Bin.

Our guest tonight is an ACTUAL listener of this podcast! See how we can tell during the 13 Questions. His name is David McCloud, who you may know from Plastic Fanatics and the ROC Hangouts. He joins us as we wrap-up a week of HaHa's , Boo-Hoos and Butthurt...



What’d you waste your money on this week?

Fans Project Lost Realm Monstructor
The set is on preorder for $360 and is expected in June.

Custom Spotlight - Thanos by Nick Brown - Lorecraft

KO Korner - Modfans Voice Upgrade Kit for MP36 Megatron w/ LED(English Version)

OS KO POTP Dinobots

Catfish’s Catch of the Week:

Bed Bugs Bargain Bin:
KFC - EAVI Metal Mugen Ghetto Blast
(Original retail $74.99, on sale for $19.99)

DX9 D07 Tyrant
(Original Retail $164.99, on sale for $99.99)

Video Codeword:Persimmon

Asshole of the week: Joshua Costa - KO Assassins

Guest (The Thirteen Questions)
What's your preferred name/handle?
Year born?
What's your favorite sammich?
Favorite music?
What got you (back) into collecting?
What scale do you collect?
Focus collection or any Non-TF collections?
To KO or not to KO?
What movie makes you cry?
Have you done anything untoward for your toy addiction?
Tits, ass, legs, face, other?
What’s a weird thing about you? idiosyncrasies, phobias, etc.
Go to sex position?

TKO Girls

Discussion/Listener Questions:

What movie did you love as a child, but discovered is total shit as an adult? Andrew G.

Who would win: Movie devestator or G1 Wreck-Gar on bath salts? Oscar

Would you stick your dick in a glory hole? - Dustin Anderson

Shat Outs

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LNOW CUSTOMS - An International consortium of Transformers Customizers and Creators.

Girls who make bad decisions with their bodies and the father’s and/or uncles that made them that way.

Alcohol, Marijuana and Coffee - The lifeblood of this show.

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