Alan Natachu's Misadventures in VR: The Reailty of Virtual Reality for Learning


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You would think the way some L&D folks talk about VR, implementing this groundbreaking technology is as simple as buying some headsets, strapping them on students, and pressing go.

Not so. Not. At. All.

The reality of Virtual Reality is that getting it to run for a single student is no bed of roses. And a class of 25? Forget about it.

That is unless you have the know-how and determination that Learning Experience Designer, Alan Natachu does.

With a background in IT, media production, and instructional design, Alan was the perfect guest for this conversation. In the last few months, Alan built and tested an Oculus Quest system for learning — then pushed out a total of 25 Quests to students at his university.

Listen to his story and learn from his mistakes. And remember, as incredible as it sounds, launching a course in VR is not a simple exercise. Get ready for hardware, software, and instructional challenges that just "might" be worth overcoming in the end.

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