Focus on Performance Outcomes not Training Request with guest John Temples and host Kristen Hayden Safdie.


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John Temples went from middle school science teacher to instructional designer to learning consultant. Working with manufacturing companies, he learned that focusing on performance outcomes is key in successfully achieving organizational learning objectives, and that just building training isn't the best solution - focus on performance.

If you're someone who works with or in a manufacturing company, or if you deal with alot of troubleshooting processes, this will be a great listen. It's an excellent conversation between two seasoned instructional designers and is part case study and part profile of John Temples.

This episode covers:

  • Making the transition from being a middle school teacher to a instructional designer
  • Using field trips for training - "experiential onboarding"
  • The culture advantages of working for a family owned business
  • Moving to a larger company and the challenges that go with it
  • Migrating from technical training to operational excellence
  • Building a web app for performance support and tracking
  • ... and more.

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