Which Industry Certification is Right For You? featuring Deadra Welcome


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This is another episode from our Certificates and Certifications Playlist and we're moving on from discussing graduate certificates to industry certifications.

This episode's guest, Deadra Welcome, has half a dozen certificates: The CPLP, the CPTM, a Master Trainer certification from Langevin Learning, just to name some of them.

I invited Deadra as a guest to answer some questions about the value of these certifications. I wanted to know whether or not they were worth getting, which one has been the best for her, and how others should gauge which certification is the right one for them.

And after over a dozen questions from not just me, but our live show audience, I found myself searching out certifications --- after the broadcast was over. Ultimately, if you're putting in the work to better yourself and focus on your professional development, why not have something to show for it?

So I encourage you to give this episode a listen, connect with Deadra on LinkedIn, and think about getting better at what you do --- and set up a strategy to make sure you have a certification to show for it.

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