Living Beyond Dieting and Sobriety Part Two with Laura Dumont


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Life Beyond Dieting and Sobriety with Laura Dumont

Part Two

Please make sure to listen to Part One first (you won't want to miss it)

In this episode, I talk with my friend, Laura Dumont, who goes by Laura Twin Mama on Instagram.

Laura shares her decision to quit Overeaters Anonymous and lean into a new intuitive eating plan while exploring drinking after two years of sobriety.

This episode will help you connect to what you want in life, not what you think you should want or do.

It's the perfect episode to listen to if you want freedom from rules, labels, and comparison.

Topics discussed in Part One and Part Two:

  • Learning about herself and what "Laura wants"
  • Letting go of society’s influence and the expectations of others
  • Shedding old stories of feeling fat and labels
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Letting go of the “diet” message
  • Making the decision to go back to drinking after two years of sobriety
  • Observing herself and connecting to what “Laura wants”
  • Social media and comparison and how not to do social media
  • Starting a new venture in life that follows her passion

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