No More Money Shame with Linda Parmar


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Episode 99

No More Money Shame with Linda Parmar

In this episode, I talk with Linda Parmar, a Certified Money Coach, and Recovery Coach, about the different categories of feeling shame about money and how to let the shame go.

Linda shared one of her first memories of money when she stole $ from her cousin, and how Linda works on her money story today.

Topics include:

  • What is money
  • You are not alone in money shame
  • Men and women's view of money
  • Perimenopause anger (bonus:)
  • Tracking spending
  • Burying your head in the sand doesn't help
  • Accepting your money story
  • How to talk to someone about your money shame
  • Morning routines
  • Linda's new podcast, Your Money, Your Recovery

Linda specializes in financial recovery and helping women in recovery to heal their money thoughts and behaviors. Her life in addiction led her to a life of economic chaos. With her recovery, she has learned that alcohol and drugs were just a symptom of negative patterns and behaviors. This is the same for money. A few years into recovery, she was ready to look at these patterns and behaviors, which led her to become a Certified Money Coach. Linda has worked in the financial industry for 20 years and has made a career from helping people with their finances.

To learn more about Linda:

Linda's first appearance on the To 50 & Beyond Podcast.




Your Money, Your Recovery

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