Recovering from Alcoholism and Cancer with Nancy McKay


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Episode 92

Recovering from Alcoholism and Cancer with Nancy McKay

In this episode, I talk with Nancy McKay, a Certified Life Coach about what it was like growing up in an alcoholic home, being sober for ten years, and surviving ovarian cancer.

Nancy is a certified Wayfinder Life Coach from Martha Bec, Inc. as well as a Mind-Body-Eating Coach from the Institute for Psychology of Eating.

Topics include:

  • Growing up in an alcoholic household
  • Losing her father to suicide
  • How Nancy's drinking picked up after her fathers death
  • Nancy's failed attempt at suicide
  • How AA saved her life
  • Her cancer diagnosis and recovery
  • How being vulnerable can help you conquer anything
  • Getting beyond fear and self-doubt
  • You are not too old, and it is not too late

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