When is it enough? Contentment vs. Complacency with Nancy Stansbery


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Episode 90

When is it enough? Contentment vs. Complacency with Nancy Stansbery

I'm so excited to share my guest today, Nancy Stansbery.

Nancy is a past private coaching client of mine and an all-around intelligent and adventurous gal in the middle of life.

During our last few coaching sessions, we got on the topic of contentment vs. complacency because Nancy found herself to be enough for the first time in a long time (if ever.)

Nancy is a professional fundraiser, an empty nester, and a woman on a mission to live her best (mid) life.

Nancy loves to authentically connect with people, in both her personal and professional life. She has a deep desire for all humans to have the opportunity to live their best life and contribute their talents to the world.

Topics discussed:

  • When do you feel "good enough"
  • Striving to be your best self
  • Paying attention to your thoughts
  • Quitting drinking
  • Morning routines + self-care
  • The essentials for staying sober
  • Over-thinking and how to stop
  • The need to fit in with others
  • Navigating Social settings sober

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