#073 Adrian Holmes | You Are Not The Problem, The Problem Is The Problem


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Hello Beautiful People!
On today’s podcast we have Adrian Holmes. Adrian is a family therapist, clinical supervisor and trainer. Adrian has worked in the human services field for 15 years and is currently completing PhD research related to mental health and social policy. Adrian co-founded and manages the training and supervision organisation Tools For Hard Conversations and released his first book entitled ‘Tools For Hard Conversations in the Helping Professions’.

What I personally love about this conversation is Adrian’s focus on the problem being the problem, not the person. In this day and age it is quite common for experts and professionals to meet people seeking support through the eyes of them being somewhat broken and needing to be fixed, rather with Adrian’s take on this is that in labelling someone with say anxiety or depression, particularly children, can have real long-term damaging effects. Adrian prefers to see the person as whole, to explore our experience rather than labelling them and to lead with a foundation that we are our own experts when it comes to self-healing and self-development. We also discuss the importance of having hard conversations and the beginning processes of what that may look like.
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00:00 Quote
00:37 Introduction
01:52 The most effective catalyst to change is through conversation
03:28 The importance of seeing a person as whole
06:48 Structuralism versus post-structuralism
09:48 People are their own experts
12:34 Worker Positioning Quadrant
16:02 The problem is the problem, not the person
21:18 Explore your experience rather than label yourself
23:42 Owning your change process
26:58 Meaning making & the concept of multiple realities
30:05 The misidentification with what defines us
32:34 How to have hard conversations
37:19 Be in this together
39:32 Be willing to have the hard conversation
41:11 What does it mean to you To Be Human?
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