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Hello Beautiful People!
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On todays’ podcast we have Domonique Bertolucci. Domonique is one of Australia’s most popular life coaches with over 25 years experience of working with large corporations, dynamic small businesses and everyday people teaching them how to get more happiness and more success. Domonique, known as a Happiness Expert, is the host of three Audible Original Podcasts and is the international bestselling author of eight books, including, ‘The Happiness Code’ and ‘The 7 Step Mindset Makeover’.

What I personally love about this conversation is Domonique’s generosity in sharing many of her life coaching teachings. From the importance in getting clear on your values to ensure you stay on a path of fulfilment, to practical steps in how to deal with our inner critic, to her process of how to experience happiness. She shares her Architecture of Change, of why we should focus on mindset over action, and Intention Method, of why most people fail to achieve their goals. She also goes deep on what self-sabotage is and how we can overcome it. There is a lot! Possibly an episode to listen to more than once, I suggest you stay focused, and if you even get one takeaway from this episode, I have no doubt it could be the start to your own personal transformation in experiencing a little more happiness in your life!
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