302 Lord Byron: Exile & Death


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The last of my 3 part series on the life of Lord Byron concludes here with his exile in Switzerland and Italy and his death in Greece.

Delight in this dashing dandy's style, his endless carousing with women and his adventurous spirit that eventually led to his death fighting for the independence of the Greeks who weren't willing to fight for it themselves. So many of his heroic moments can be off balanced by the poor choices he made in life. From his Villa Diodati on Lake Geneva where literary history was made to the canals of Venice where he lived every human depravity this episode will take you to his final act of redemption while trying to do good for the people of Greece. As a boy I lived briefly on Lord Byron road in Wilmington, NC and finally today after spending the summer reading about the life of Lord Byron I have found the answer to why this man would be worthy of having a road named after him in North Carolina. Here I also rejoice and recount the brilliant friendship that Byron had with the poet Shelley as I talk you and read you to the conclusion of both of these poets lives on foreign soil. Fill your learning goblet with the scandalous and remarkable life of the one and only Lord Byron. Joy be upon you! www.patreon.com/tomrhodesradiosmartcamp

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