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Team workouts increase intensity and also create camaraderie. I like a format called the Leap Frog workout that uses 3 exercises for 2 athletes. One of my favorites includes 10 Pullups, 10 Kettlebell Swings and 10 Wall Balls. Decide on a time for the workout. In this case, lets pick 20 minutes.

Athlete 1 will start on the pullups and upon finishing the 10th rep will call out his partners name to signify that he is finished and his partner should begin. Athlete 2 will begin the Kettlebell swings and call out his partners name when he finishes the 10th rep. Athlete 1 will have walked to the Wall ball and begins when his name is called. This completes the first round and we now have Athlete 2 at the pullup bar waiting for his name to be called.

This format increases intensity as you are trying hard to move as fast as your partner. Do this with another team and compete for most rounds in 20 minutes for even more intensity.

You don’t have to use any equipment for this format. You can come up with a workout in this format that might include Situps, squats and burpees.

Try the Leap Frog format and let me know what you think. Email

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