#28 - Waits Instrumentals & Interview with Bryan 'Brain' Mantia!


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Hey everyone, we are back in the crowd!Today we bring you another bumper edition of Down in the Hole where we do a deep dive on all of Tom Waits illustrious instrumentals. How can a Tom Waits song without Waits' best instrument (his voice) being used? Well, listen and find out!The main attraction for today's episode is our exclusive interview with Bryan, "Brain", Mantia, aka the drummer for Bone Machine, Mule Variations, Real Gone (as well as the Real Gone Tour) and Orphans. Yes folks, these interviews with proper Waitsian collaborators is well and truly part of the show now, and we can't wait to show you more!

And finally, to cap off the episode, hosts Tom & Sam begin their exploration into Waits' own personal top 10 albums and films, starting with The Lounge Lizard's self titled 1981 debut, The Lounge Lizards, as well as David Lynch's 1977 debut, Eraserhead.

Enjoy all, and keep growing into your own crooked trees.

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