Christa Quarles, Former OpenTable CEO (Enterprise Scale Sumit)


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In this episode, you’ll hear a conversation with Christa Quarles, former CEO of OpenTable.

Christa is all about culture, vision, strategy, and results and we absolutely loved having the opportunity to tap her deep knowledge base. If you’re unfamiliar, Christa was most recently the CEO of OpenTable, where she managed over 1100 employees and operations in over 20 countries for the beloved consumer brand.

Prior to OpenTable, she was the chief business officer for Nextdoor and the SVP and general manager at The Walt Disney Company. Earlier in her career, she worked on Wall Street as an equity research analyst covering the internet sector.

She’s also on the board of Lightspeed portfolio company Affirm as well as Kimberly Clark.

Listen in to learn more and you can find her on twitter at @cquarles.

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