Too Much Test Podcast - Episode 7


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In this episode TYL and David talk about their favorite compounds, Let's Go Brandon and tons of other topics! Time Stamps below!
0:00 Intro
0:15 Mr. Olympia
1:04 Jujimufu's First Bobdybuiling show
2:37 If you could only take one Ester for the rest of your life?
3:48 Testosterone Undecanoate
4:55 Best Tesosterone Carrier Oil
5:20 Home Brewing
9:47 UGL Gear PIP & Crashed Gear
12:42 How to fix Crashed Gear
14:24 Horrible PIP Sustanon 250
16:25 Test Flu
19:36 TYL's Bad Injections
21:15 David's First Injection Ever
23:48 TYL's Needle Phobia
25:47 Test Flu & Tren Cough
28:38 TYL's Favorite Test
32:15 Glass Shards from Ampules
33:50 Fake Tren Hex
35:17 Our Favorite Anabolics on top of TRT
40:30 David's Shoulder Healed on Deca
42:00 Deca's Medical uses and Dosages
45:30 Will Low Dose Test cycles shorten your life?
50:45 Natty Bodybuilding Genetics
57:25 Racial Comradery in the gym
61:43 Being Racist is boring
63:00 TYL is super White
63:55 Race is made up
65:49 Social Propaganda / Germany
73:40 Let's Go BRANDON!
74:44 Trump vs Biden vs Obama
78:15 Brandon has Dementia :)
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