19. Root Causes and Cures for Autoimmunity - Too Sick and Naked

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Sascha Alexander:

Sascha has one of those all-too-common stories: Her symptoms began at eight years old and diagnoses only began trickling in 12 years later. Migraines, sinus infections, and chronic yeast infections were just some of her complaints. Like many of us, she was over-treated with antibiotics and, quickly, her health started to unravel. With the onset of her period came a host of new symptoms which later led to a Hashimoto’s diagnosis. However, getting Hashimoto’s under control did not fix everything else. By 28, Sascha was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and her big five symptoms (as she calls them) were Migraines, intense fatigue, bladder and urinary pain, air hunger, bloating and abdominal dissension. Armed with self-advocacy and research, Sascha got to the bottom of her issues and began solving them herself. You know how I love people who take their health into their own hands! Today, two years after seeing the full scope of her health issues, Sascha has successfully lowered her autoimmunity by 80%. Yes, 80%! Find out how she discovered the root causes and cures for herself with her Jedi research skills.

Sascha’s coaching practice:


IG: @saschface

Weekly Challenge:

I’m gonna lay down some behind-the-scenes dirt: For this episode, Sascha gave me multiple weekly challenge options and I was pretty dead-set on one (because it was the easiest for me. Yikes!). But I always try to let the weekly challenge reveal itself in our conversation and—much to my dismay— the one I was set on just DID NOT reveal itself! So, this week we are gonna get way vulnerable—naked, you might say :). This IS a scary one guys, but I urge you to try. The challenge is to share on social media once a day about your illness—how you feel, something you learned, maybe just an article that you relate to. Remember that it’s not just for you, it actually helps other people—it inspires our friends to take better care of themselves, or to be honest about their own afflictions. My whole Instagram is dedicated to this. Let. People. In. You just might be surprised at how much love is thrown your way. Love on top of love on top of love. And when the haters reveal themselves, then you’re just weeding out the people that you do not need to be “friends” with. Get on it and follow me @sheajackie to see how I do this!! Also please tag me in your adventures so I can love on you!

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Chronic Migraines
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Chronic yeast infection
  • Women’s health
  • Sascha’s determined six root causes of chronic illness
  • Partnership and Romance while you’re sick (minute 24)
  • Why letting people in is so important
  • Sascha’s most effective treatments
  • How Sascha lowered her autoimmunity by 80%
  • IVIG—what it is, how to determine if you need it
  • LDA treatments
  • IV heavy metal chelation
  • Sascha’s unique triumphs

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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