Are You Emotionally Unavailable? W/ Empathy Therapist Figs


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Your toxic relationsh*t may actually have a chance IF you listen to this episode.

On this episode we discuss, Types of empathy and having empathy for yourself, becoming the one you’ve been waiting for, coping mechanisms, what your partner is really feeling but not saying when you fight, and the type of lover that you are,

We dive into turning your toxic relationship back into love, the type of love you’re attractive, being emotionally unavailable and reaching true intimacy, self sabotaging and why it feels safer to be alone, which attachment style you are based on your childhood trauma,

We end with the attachment style you are based on your childhood trauma, why its so hard letting go of a relationship where the other person has moved on and so much more!!!

For more information on licensed therapist Fiachra “Figs” O’Sullivan, his free quiz, courses, or therapy, VISIT EMPATHI.COM

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