Ryan Lalonde - President of MLA Canada, Deep insights into the Vancouver and Canadian real estate market


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I’m really excited to share this episode, I’m speaking with Ryan Lalonde, President and Partner of MLA Canada. For those who don’t know, MLA Canada is a pre-sale sales and marketing organization, they help builders and developers facilitate their projects from beginning to end, starting from initial advisory, pricing and design strategy, all the way to sales, marketing and customer support. Their clients include some of the biggest developers in the country.. So if there’s anyone that’s in tune with Vancouver and Canadian real estate as a whole, it’s definitely Ryan.

We had great chat, we get into many topics including the pre-sale market of course, and the state of the market in Vancouver, we talk about some of the issues in the pre-sale market like lack of transparency provided to buyers and how MLA is helping with that. We talk about the affordability issues and some things that need to be done to help home buyers. We’re also talking about sales and marketing, something that Ryan is an expert in, and why technology has not changed enough in real estate.

These are just some of the subjects we get into. This is a jam packed episode full of amazing insights.

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