Has the transfer market bubble started to burst, dark horse Premier League teams, and more listener questions


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Daryl and Taylor answer your listener questions! If you want to ask one of your own, you can do so at totalsoccershow.com/questions

1) Why don’t they show the stoppage time in the stadium like they do on TV?

2) How hard is it to hit a diagonal crossfield ball and why can't more USMNT midfielders do it?

3) Does the USMNT need a CB like Abby Dahlkemper?

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4) Why do attackers try to dribble in 1v1 situations as opposed to passing to open teammates?

5) Why were Wolves fans singing "sign on" at Everton?

6) Has the bubble finally burst on transfer market prices or did we just have an oddly high number of undesirable superstars this time around?

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7) Has the new goal kick rule had a noticeable impact on the way games are played?

8) Do Leicester have the squad to be a dark horse top 6 contender this season?

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