Episode 43: The Dread Skier (Mark) Ortiz.


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On Episode 43 of Totally Deep Podcast, Doug Stenclik and Randy Young of www.cripplecreekbc.com bring you the lowdown on the world of uphill and backcountry skiing and boarding. Gear, technique, fashion, jargon, guests, and assorted spray from two guys who know how to earn it in the backcountry. The world's best backcountry skiing podcast.

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On Episode 43 of Totally Deep Podcast:

1. Mark Ortiz.

2. Nine 12,000 foot peaks in Idaho.

3. Other Great Lines in Idaho.

4. Wydaho.

5. Naked Skiing in the Backcountry.

6. Sego Skis and Annica Bags.

Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE6ZmA3c800


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