Totally Pretentious #17. M (1931): The Nature of Evil, Citizen Mobs, and the Terror Within


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In today’s episode, David and Shaun once more talk about the films they’re currently enjoying, from big blockbusters to television epics and more. Then they turn their critical brains to the film of the day: Fritz Lang’s M (1931). They cover some of the history behind the film — including 1930s Germany and the background of the Lang and the cast — how the film explores the role of trauma and terror in the theme of good vs. evil, the claustrophobia of cities, the reception of the film in the 1930s, and much more!

Prepare yourselves for another foray into cinematic greatness. Enjoy the episode!

Show Notes:

Today’s Movie:

  • M (IMDb)
  • M (Wikipedia)


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