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Rams trade Marcus Peter's to the Ravens for Kenny Young & a draft pick
Rams then trade for Jalen Ramsey by giving up two firsts & a fourth round pick. (KENNY CALLED IT WEEKS AGO)
Mahomes injured knee against the Broncos.
Raiders right tackle Trent Brown states his innocence against domestic violence suit by his ex girlfriend
Ravens lose Tony Jefferson but get Marcus Peters & Earl Thomas in the same secondary.
Jalen Ramsey saves the Rams season?
Mahomes ankle injury history
Terrible officiating rears its head again in Packers/Lions game
College Football News
Penn State alum sends racist letter to black player about his hair & tattoos & then doubles down on it when called out. Players respond with shirts that school officials make take off during warm ups.
Mike Leach bans his players from using social media the entire season. (That's a first amendment violation btw)
LSU blew out Florida & everyone should be afraid.
12 undefeated teams left.
- Alabama (vs. Tennessee)
- Appalachian State (vs. LA Monroe)
- Baylor (at OK State)
- Boise State (at BYU)
- Clemson (at Louisville)
- LSU (at Miss. State)
- Minnesota (at Rutgers)
- Ohio State (at Northwestern)
- Oklahoma (vs. WVU)
- Penn State (vs. Michigan)
- SMU (vs. Temple)
- Wisconsin (at Illinois)
Take or Tangent
Random dumbass person takes a picture with Myles Garrett & then punches him in the face.
Demaryius Thomas calls Patriots trading him to Jets after resigning him disrespectful
Zach Brown trash talks Kurt Cousins before Eagles/Vikings game & then gets washed. Eagles cut him.
Unnecessary Toughness rants

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