Repurposing Content - How It Can Help You Expand Your Audience and Reach


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In part 3 of our blogging for tour operators guide, marketing expert Dorene Wharton returns to discuss the benefits of repurposing your content into fresh, new pieces for different platforms. We discuss what it means to repurpose content and the benefits of breathing new life into your existing content. Dorene shares her tips on breaking up your content into multiple pieces for different mediums and how thinking about ways to repurpose your content while you’re creating it can help save time and inspire new ideas. We discuss the pros and cons of releasing short videos versus long ones and how breaking your longer videos into bite-sized, shorter video clips can appeal to a broader audience. We discuss the value of creating share-worthy content and tips for encouraging your audience to share your content with others. Dorene also shares tips and strategies that tour operators can use to become more efficient with repurposing your content for multiple mediums and platforms and the tools and platforms you can use to repost your content and attract new audiences.

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