Episode 122: Our TOP 20 Clone Wars Action Figures!


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T.R. Nation, it's time to talk about Star Wars action figures! On Episode 122 of Toy Run Criz Bee and Jake Stevens discuss miscolored candy corn-themed Disney Theme Parks droids, catch up with the T.R. Nation on Facebook and recent toy run finds. Criz Bee finally commissions his custom acrylic risers for his Ikea Billy bookcases and Jake hits the motherload of four Black Series Piggies at his local Target store. This episode's main focus, however, is the 10th anniversary of The Clone Wars movie, where the hosts recap their Top 20 Clone Wars figures in the Hasbro 3 3/4" toy line. Don't miss out on the Clone Wars nostalgia in this week's episode! Listen, subscribe and share with a friend and if you have time help us bump up the show on iTunes by leaving us a review and as always good luck on your toy runs!

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