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We all want to put out great content, from our websites to our social media pages. We’re always looking to make it, but there’s often not enough time in the day. We’re busy people, am I right? My guest may be able to help you solve that problem

Today, I have Tabitha Carro as my guest. She’s from Smartphone Marketing School, and she teaches how to create content directly from your smartphone. Tabitha is big on keeping marketing fun, and this episode ends up being exciting and entertaining.

For thirteen years, Tabitha was an elementary school teacher who was trying to start a business. She realized that she needed ways to create content while she was away from home. Now, she’s willing to share her secrets with the rest of us!

IMO–every business owner with a hand in online marketing needs to tune in to this episode. We’re talking about creating visual marketing content on the go. Images, videos, you name it, and she has a way of making it!


    • How video editing and recording can often be easier on mobile apps than on tradition video editing software.
    • Tabitha suggest her top three apps for anyone looking to get into on-the-go smartphone marketing. Namely, she suggests Google Photos, Adobe Spark Post, and Quik.
    • We discuss Tabitha’s Four Day Challenge, designed to help marketers like you get acclimated with visual branding and design. I’ve got a lot of experience with marketing, and I’M going to commit to taking this free course!
    • Tabitha talks about her personal experience with smartphones. She doesn’t consider herself a tech geek, but she stresses that you don’t need to be to get great with visual apps.
    • We talk about Tabitha’s total marketing strategy; she goes in depth on her streamlined process. She even manages and runs her Facebook ads herself! We dig in to her process, her struggling points, and some of what she’s learned along the way.


    If you’re looking to find out more about what Tabitha teaches (or want to take her Four Day Challenge) check out her website here!

    Ready to save time and optimize your marketing strategy? Listen in to hear me grill Tabitha on what you can do to keep your content great even when you’re away from your computer.

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