SaaS Sales Strategy

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Finances. A word that makes most people cave in on themselves with fear and hesitance. Keeping your metaphorical ducks all in a row can be hard when it comes to the world of accounting, bookkeeping, and finances. Lucky for us, this week’s guest has a solution to the way small business owners are handling their money.

SaaS Sales Strategy

Joshua Waldman, the CEO, and president of Billy Inc. tells us all about his amazing software service. Together, we talk about what exactly Billy Inc. does, where the idea for the company came from, and how Josh works to get traffic to his page, what SaaS sales strategy he uses, as well as how efficiently he helps the people who sign up. Let’s get started!


  • Who Joshua Waldman is, and how he got started in this business. He also tells us how he came into the hands of Billy Inc., and the goal he’s looking for when setting the application up; he’s trying to bridge the gap between easy to use software for everyone, as well as sophisticated software small business owners can trust to keep their private financial information.
  • Where Billy started from, Denmark! A Danish company, Josh tells us about the move the company made just a few years back to the United States, looking for a more international front, and how much luck (and success!) they’ve had with plenty of years of groundwork and processing to work with. He also tells us about the various roles he plays in the company, from sitting in the CEO’s chair to analyzing and controlling the marketing aspect of the company.
  • Josh talks to us about the details of the traffic he gets to his page, going into what contributes to people clicking around on the site for even just a moment. We talk about the “free trial” offered on the homepage of Billy Inc. as well, discussing what exactly it offers, and how it leads people into giving the company their e-mail addresses for later use, and later contact.
  • Josh breaks down his trafficking ideas into a three step system: 1) he focuses on traditional content making that’s less focused on the business and more focused on the customers, and how they can appease their audience, 2) Josh talks to us about the very popular “groupon for nerds” (in his words!) App-sumo, and how using the site and offering deals to a variety of people has boosted their traffic immensely so, calling it a “turning point” for the company, and 3) he explains the importance of product reviews and tells us the various, well-known sites he uses in order to get Billy Inc. on the map of people who use similar software but aren’t enjoying their time as much as they could be.
  • Lastly, Josh leaves us with a good bit of advice regarding the way people think about their small businesses. Calling it “three box thinking”, he encourages us to not think about just what you and your customers’ needs, but to think about what your customers’ customers need, too. You have to think about how to help their customers get paid and to help them with their business in order to truly be successful. That’s what Billy Inc. is all about, after all!


Didn’t cover something you wanted to know about? No worries! If you have specific questions, you can contact Joshua, or anyone at the Billy Inc. team, through the contact page on the Billy Inc. website. The Billy Inc. Facebook and Twitter are also listed above. When it comes to keeping your finances in check, we know it’s a daunting task. Thankfully, Joshua gives us a look at a new and easy way to keep your books on the line, and we think that’s something worth celebrating!

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