Social Media Content Strategy

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We often see people discussing the various ways to use social media to promote your business and gain the leads and traffic in the best way possible. There’s a lot of opinions on what’s right, and what’s wrong, and in this week’s podcast, we get another take on what exactly it means to harness the power of social media to your, and everyone else’s benefit.

Social Media Content Strategy

Melinda Wittstock, founder, and CEO of, tells us how she creates authentic social content and the ways that the company is changing the game of social media as a platform for businesses and industries alike.


  • Who Melinda Whitstock is, and what she does with the company Verifeed. She tells us what Verifeed does, describing it as ‘social media 3.0’, and how they use authenticity to propel themselves forward in a sea of people shouting into the technological void. She also tells us how important it is to pay attention to the audience you’re targeting, and how to benefit from creating a connection with them based on their own social interests, and the things they choose to share.
  • Melinda explains the plans Verifeed has for next year, with the impressive line-up for a mobile phone application that’s rooted in the ways of harnessing artificial intelligence. She explains how it’ll work, a rough date for when it’ll come out, and how exactly the A.I. will play into creating and generating automated content for the user, and the consumers.
  • All about the authenticity score, a process Verifeed uses to focus more on what business owners can do for their customers, as opposed to a more self-centered approach they often see. Melinda explains how the process works, telling us how it can increase the ROA of the business, and how the algorithms they use help the company work with people to get their score higher, as well as tying in the effects of social media back to the bottom line (such as traffic, revenue, etc).
  • Melinda gives awesome tips on the best ways to go about interacting with customers, urging us to treat them just like normal people. Taking an interest in what they’ve got to say, what they’re sharing, and asking the right questions helps the customers feel safe and more relaxed (Melinda says consumers are 92% more likely to trust a regular person over a business/brand to influence what they purchase!)
  • To round it out, Melinda tells us about a program she’s starting with a group of 13 entrepreneurs that aims to help launch fellow entrepreneurs up in the business world, and what the program completely entails for the people who qualify


Didn’t cover something you wanted to know about? No worries! Above are the various ways you can check out Verifeed! If you have specific questions for Melinda, check out her Facebook page, as well as her LinkedIn. There’s a lot of good stuff in this interview, and it’s always nice to hear the ways social media is expanding. Let’s continue to move forward together!

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