Human of Addiction


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Everyday we hear tragic stories in the news. Our goal is to present you with amazing success stories of people who have gone from Tragedy to Triumph

Episode 16: Human of Addiction - Jake Bradshaw

Jake Bradshaw shares his amazing story of Recovery! Growing up an only child and surrounded by free thinkers, Jake has always been encouraged to do something amazing. Living in the suburbs of Portsmouth Ohio, Jake experienced the Opioid Epidemic firsthand and has lost many people along the way. Even with his own addiction struggles, Jake was able to have a successful career as a Stock Broker until it all came crumbling down around him. From many run-ins with the police, a stint in federal prison, and personal degradation, Jake finally embraced a life worth living.

Today Jake has a life that centers around helping others. Created and manages the successful Facebook account "Humans of Addiction" and always makes himself available to someone in need - Jake is the definition of "Doing BIG things"

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