017 A Conversation with Ryan Blanck from the Hanger Clinic


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On this episode, we interview Ryan Blanck, a prosthetist with the Hanger Clinic. Ryan is the brains behind the ExoSym, a device that gives patients more agility and empowers them to participate in high-impact activities like running, jumping, skydiving, and even military redeployment. We became aware of Ryan through several of our Athenas and knew we had to interview him for the show. He shares his background, fascinating details about the ExoSym device, and how he helps a variety individuals with challenging injuries. You’ll be inspired by Ryan’s story and his commitment to improving people’s lives.

You’ll discover:

  • Ryan’s journey of moving from the private sector to working with veterans.
  • The surprising story behind his development of the ExoSym, as well as details about how it works.
  • How the Hanger Clinic works with clients and helps them do a “reboot” as they learn to use their new devices.
  • Why Hanger’s focus on treating a patient’s pain, limitations, and weaknesses has positive psychological effects.
  • How the ExoSym is customized for each patient, no matter the area or type of injury (ankle, knee, tissue or nerve damage, etc.).
  • Hanger’s process for patient care after they are fitted with a new device.
  • Ryan’s advice for jumping into something unknown.

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