Jeremy Hyatt of Fire Mountain Trail System, Cherokee NC #108


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Trail EAffect with Jeremy Hyatt of Fire Mountain Trail System #108

  • Jeremy’s Backstory / how Jeremy got into Mountain Biking
  • Jeremy’s role as the Secretary of Operations for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
  • Details on the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian Properties / Qualla Boundary
  • The backstory on how the Fire Mountain Trail System came to be
  • Geographic location of Fire Mountain Trails
  • Trails contributing to increasing numbers of visitors to the EBCI
  • How the reception of the Fire Mountain Trail System has been since opening in 2017
  • The how the trails have been received by the Tribal Citizens
  • The Operations side of things for trails
    • How Trail Maintenance is handled at Fire Mtn Trails
    • Maintenance Agreement with Trail Dynamics (original builder of the trail system)
    • Potential Positions for Trail Maintenance and outreach coordinator
  • Advice for other communities who may be considering building a trail system
  • 2023 What the future may hold for Fire Mountain Trail System
    • Future Bike Park, Paved Pumptrack and Skills Area
  • Jeremy’s go to ride at Fire Mountain Trail System
  • Jeremy’s take on Ebikes – Yes Ebikes are allowed at Fire Mountain
  • Closing Comments and Thank You’s


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