Tara Alcantara of Tucson, AZ – Home Grown MTB and Tucson Off-Road Cyclists and Activists #107


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Trail EAffect with Tara Alcantara of Tucson, AZ – Home Grown MTB / TORCA #107

  • Tara Alcantara Backstory
  • The Creation of Tucson Off-Road Cyclists and Activists
    • Leaning into Gravity and Mt Lemmon
  • The Bighorn Fire and damage it caused in Summer of 2020
  • Building a Relationship with the US Forest Service and creating a new trails plan for Coronado National Forest and Mt. Lemmon
  • Creating Home Grown MTB
    • MTB Rentals
    • Ride / Tour Guides in the region
    • Weekly Shuttles
    • Coaching
  • New for 2023 at Home Grown MTB
  • Coaching Staff at Home Grown MTB
    • PMBIA Certified Coaches
  • Coaching – PMBIA Certification Clinics
  • Ladies All Ride Clinics
    • Going to Retallack Lodge for Ladies All Ride
  • Women and Coaching for Mountain Biking
  • Where Tara would choose to ride away from Tucson ** Hint: Retallack
  • Tara and her thoughts on Bike Parks
    • What Tara looks for in a Trail Experience
  • The Progression of Mountain Bikes since we began riding
  • TORCA Pachonga – Party
  • Moving to Writing Grants for funding
  • The Power of Planning and Design
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau and Chamber of Commerce Discussion
  • Progress and Collaboration
  • Talent Attraction and Retention
  • Tucson Talk
  • Closing Comments and Thank You’s


Home Grown MTB: https://homegrownmtb.com/

Tucson Off Road Cyclists and Activists: https://torca.org/

Ladies All Ride: https://ladiesallride.com/

Online Media for the Tucson Region:

Brice Shirbach Maxxis Intersections Tucson, AZ: https://youtu.be/sl5wcKf1V4M

Brice Shirbach Local Flavors Tucson, AZ: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/local-flavors-the-complete-guide-to-riding-in-tucson-az.html

Pinkbike Destination Showcase Tucson (2020): https://www.pinkbike.com/news/destination-showcase-tucson-arizona.html#cid2483292

Tuscon, AZ Local Loam with Jeff Kendall-Weed: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/video-exploring-tucson-arizona-with-jeff-kendall-weed-in-local-loam.html

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