#47 | Sintax77 On the Adirondacks, Hammock Camping, and Much More


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Sintax77 On the Adirondacks, Hammock Camping, and Much More

Sintax77 (aka Shawn Crawford) is back for round two this week! Much like our first episode, we jumped all over the place in our conversation, mostly focusing on his latest film 'Military Surplus Camping - B-47 Crash Site - Adirondack Mountains', as well as talk about some of his hikes in the White Mountains and of course... hammock camping! In the ever-growing pool of hiking Youtubers, Sintax77's videos continue to stand out to me due to his creative ideas and drive to push his abilities when it comes to film-making. I always have a blast talking about the White Mountains and Adirondacks, and I hope Sintax77 will come back on soon!

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