Trance Til Dawn Podcast Episode 56 (Mixed by Cheska and Her Flying Machine


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Cheska is a self - proclaimed Trance geek. She can talk about it for days and she enjoys telling the entire world how much Trance means to her. Her passion is fueled with the desire to showcase the beautiful euphoric sound of Trance. To her, Trance is a genre that deserves to be heard by everyone. Cheska can never forget the track that baptized her to the music. For her, it will always have a special place in her heart. Ferry Corsten's remix of Barber's Adagio for Strings by William Orbit touched her a great deal. She relates it to the sound of her unwavering passion for the music. She wants others to feel what she feels when she listens to Trance. Hence, she decided to learn the craft of djing by herself. She was ambitious like that - adamant on creating her own unique sound. 'The Sound of Cheska' is heavily influenced by the Dutch Trance Sound - warm, melodic, and most of all - danceable. To her, Trance is a musical journey in itself and she lets this shine through her mixing. ____________________________________________ Cheska and Her Flying Machine is a mix that feels like an air - filled musical journey. It will take you to greater heights while exploring various destinations both at the same time. The point of this is mix is to continue roving, soaring, and feeling every high you experience as you transcend to a different place. This journey will liberate you. The mix was wired to be 100% instrumental so that the listeners are encouraged to think, feel, and imagine. This will be the 1st installation for her three - part journey. The second mix will be all about the universe, the stars, and the galaxies up above. But until then, here is the 1st ep of the series to get you into that liberating mood. Enjoy!

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