Our 300th Episode: Looking to the Future with Xenium President Anne Donovan


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It’s the 300th episode of the Transform Your Workplace podcast! Celebrate with us as we hear from Anne Donovan, President of Xenium HR. Host Brandon Laws gets the candid truth about the challenges that Anne faces as a business leader during such unprecedented times, including what keeps her up at night, how she is approaching a hybrid return-to-work plan, and what she foresees over the next few months for her employees and Xenium as a whole.


  • Planning for and making nuanced decisions regarding the “return to work”
  • Navigating employee dissatisfaction with the post-pandemic workplace
  • Making changes to outdated performance evaluation and measurement methods
  • Inventing a new playbook for inclusivity among at-home and at-work employees
  • Dealing with employee compensation needs and expectations in a changing marketplace


When I started this podcast back in 2012, I never would have imagined that we’d reach 300 episodes. Over the years, our focus has moved from solely HR topics to more of a general focus on leaders and culture development, all with the goal of creating great workplaces. Every podcast episode is centered on providing education to leaders who want to be a part of transformation at work. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done, and I hope you all enjoy our 300th episode with our very own President of Xenium: Anne Donovan.


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