Q&A with Paige Tamlyn on Recruiting and Other HR Questions Asked in the Workplace


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As an employer, you might have a lot of questions about what potential employees look for in a company before they apply. And you may also wonder where to find the best possible candidates.

In this episode, HR Generalist Paige Tamlyn returns to the podcast to answer questions people have about recruiting employees and the common questions asked in the workplace.

Finding potential candidates for a job and hiring them can be quite a feat, but knowing what potential employees are looking for in a job can make this task easier and reduce the number of people that aren’t qualified for the position.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • What “Ghosting” is all about
  • Things employees look out for in a Job
  • How to create a company handbook
  • The best place to find candidates
  • Whether or not to put a range of pay on your job ad
  • How to deal with Millennials and loneliness at work

About Paige Tamlyn:

Paige Tamlyn is an HR Generalist and a project manager on the side. She is a freelance stylist in her free time.

Her interests in addition to HR is Social Media and Marketing. You can find her moonlighting on Xenium's Podcast or keeping up with the latest trends in social media.


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